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This is the site for one of the fastest growing network marketing teams right here in the UK in MonaVie, the fastest growing worldwide Lifestyle Business ever.

Members of the Star Builder team benefit from FREE access to a number of resources that others sites and teams charge many hundreds of pounds for.

We do this as we believe that helping people achieve success in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) with MonaVie is good not only for you but all the people you help with this fantastic range of products.Yes we all do use the products, and believe in them, but we're not the only ones!

Some very famous names out there are using our products, including our very own Olympic gold medal winning superstar Daley Thompson. They are quite simply the best on the market - and many many people have experienced dramatic improvements in health as a result of taking this miraculous Acai based juice.

So Why We Got Involved With MonaVie

This phenomenal worldwide growth experienced by MonaVie is due not only to the fantastic products, and an unrivalled compensation plan in the world of network marketing, but the ethos of a company that is built upon a foundation of belief in giving and sharing.

In addition to those that work for MonaVie in the Amazon rain forest being paid in a fair and sustainable wage for them and their family, though the more project MonaVie gives back to those in need in Brazil. This includes the provision of schooling to children that would otherwise not have access to an education.

This amazing growth with the prospect of continued worldwide expansion, coupled with the low cost and low risk nature of Network Marketing is why the majority of our team so far have got involved.

Articles and Resources On This Site

Please feel free to read through the articles that we make available to unregistered users, and realise our commitment to helping people succeed in making a very healthy second income from Network Marketing, upon which some of those in the US have now retired, then:

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Although the founders of this site are from the UK, we have members of our team from all over the globe. Though the medium of the internet we are able to help people from all locations.



Many people approach a Multi Level Marketing opportunity with preconceived ideas of how to be successful, some learn to adopt successful practices, whereas others get disheartened and leave. The ones that leave are the ones that will tell you that MLM simply does not work, the neigh sayers. More often than not this is because they have not been properly educated by their sponsor. Here the Star Builder team believe in getting it right from the start, thereby avoiding the inevitable bloody nose experience.

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In many ways an MLM is much like a franchise, but there are also some marked distinctions between the two. Both of these have a business model which one follows, in both you have to comply with rules in order to uphold the brand integrity, and in both you should receive training and support. So when faced with the choice, which should you choose? Two of the members of Star Builder were franchisees for a couple of years and lost a stack of money, this article is based on their experience and impartial view of the franchising industry.

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Written by Andrew Wilkin   


I'm guessing that anyone who has ever joined an MLM asks this one and gets asked it all the time by the people that they are speaking to about the business opportunity. Indeed I met up with a good friend last night, someone I have personally known for years and where a great level of trust exists (both ways). Along with the typical it's just a pyramid objection, he raised the objection of why if this product is so great are they not selling it to the likes of Tescos and Sainsburys.

It is as if these two objections go hand in hand, one serving to support the legitimacy of the other. In this article we explain why great companies with great products choose the MLM route to market.

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Written by Andrew Wilkin   

Why Take Up Network Marketing

Why Network MarketingThe other day a friend asked me why I joined a network marketing organisation, he pointed out I was a relatively well paid IT consultant, and had already lost a bucket of money running a franchise. Surely I should just be rebuilding my life, and carry on plodding like the rest of us.

Having politely pointed out my reasons to my well meaning friend, I thought it would be good to share them with you. This article sets out in my opinion - Why Network Marketing?

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Written by Andrew Wilkin   


Like me, you are probably are interested in tips for succeeding in network marketing, so in this article I put together my top 20 which I have collated from experience of others and some top notch books into the subject (please do check out the books section on the site).

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Written by Andrew Wilkin   


At this time of year several things happen that cause people to re-evaluate their life. For example people meet family and friends they may not have seen for a while, reminding them that they have not moved on or taken action since they last met. It could be the big family get together over the Christmas dinner table, that feeling of being trapped and bringing back those painful childhood memories that had been locked away. Perhaps it is the break from the rat race and the realisation that this is not the real world, and another year of life has passed by.

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