Written by Andrew Wilkin
Sunday, 24 October 2010 19:37

As the dark nights draw in sooner, and it gets colder and colder, the season of colds and flu is upon us. Only the other week there were several people off sick from the office down with the dreaded lurgie again. So what can you do to protect yourself against this onslaught?

Research has shown that diets in Vitamin C may not prevent you from getting a cold or the flu, but it can take days off the recovery time and lessen the intensity of it too. It also assists in the repair and maintenance of your body which is good to know if you have not been eating properly during this period.

Well last week I succumbed to the flu, well it was probably man flu (i.e. a cold - you know we feel it worse than women), my bones aching and a complete lack of energy. Last year this would have knocked me out for a week, but this year I was over the worst of it within 24-36 hours, and if I'm honest all though my bones hurt it did not feel as severe either.

To what do I attribute this to, well for me it was MonaVie juice I'm on. It's ludicrously high in Vitamin C, far more than orange juice from the supermarket, and it has all those other polyphenols too. However, I am not alone in feeling this has helped, one other member of the Star Builder team was also hit by the flu, and last year this would have seen him catch a chest infection (in fact he had 2 or 3 last winter) and this year he was over the worst of it within 2 days.

So wrap up warm and keep a bottle of MonaVie on hand, it may well aid your speedy recovery if you do get struck down by the lergie.

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