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Having discussed appropriate activity, and the need to set goals, it helps to have a framework to work with. This article contains some templates to help you with your weekly planning and for tracking your activity, and describes how to use them.

You can use the fields as much or as little as you like, and if you feel appropriate download the Excel sheet and modify it for your own usage.

Weekly Activity Tracker

This weekly activity tracker contains planned and actual activity for your week. You can choose to use the fields as you wish, work with your sponsor to determine how to reach your goals. Remember the appropriate activity guidelines of 3 x 3 x 3 as espoused by Randy Schroeder.

Some of the fields are a count such as the number of flyers handed out or people spoken to, some are more appropriately durations in time such as meetings or training sessions.

You might like to expand the Excel sheet to include things that are important to you such as going to the gym, remember what gets measured gets done. If you are asking yourself why you are not moving forward, you will be able to look at weeks gone by and if you're honest with yourself probably find the reasons in these sheets. I have not put a week-to-week tracker, some people choose to do that to see the trends, but that is entirely up to you. Remember the words of the great Tom Hopkins... "Productivity follows activity", or the words of Brian Tracy... "It is the law or sowing and reaping, not the law or reaping and sowing".

Weekly Time Planner

This is a seven day planner, and covers from 6am through to midnight - this is not to say you have to do these hours! Everybody is different and the Star Builder team have tried to make it as flexible as possible to suit your life (sorry for those on shift work - but you can always adjust the Excel spreadsheet).

Enter time on the sheet for things such as commuting (though remember that is a perfect time to read a book or listen to you mp3 player), work, picking up kids, etc.

You should look to achieve work/life balance, and remember that not everyone works at your pace as I was reminded by a best friend today. So do put family time and activities on it too, as well as chill out time (be it going to the cinema, watching the TV, or whatever floats your boat).

This sheet should tie up with your activity planner, there is no point setting yourself the goal of speaking to 20 people on the Tuesdsay in your Weekly Activity Tracker for instance if your Weekly Time Planner says you are back-to-back with other tasks.

FileFile size
Download this file (Activity Sheets.xls)Customisable Excel Template 30 Kb
Download this file (Activity Tracker.pdf)Weekly Activity Tracker130 Kb
Download this file (Weekly Planner.pdf)Weekly Time Planner71 Kb
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