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Have you ever been in a bar with a friend and struggled to explain the principles of MLM to them? Perhaps you didn't know where to start or perhaps you went on for a good fifteen minutes and your friend was none the wiser.

This book has what Don calls "Napkin Presentations" which will literally supercharge your ability to explain the key principles that underpin MLM.

Why Buy This Book?

There are 10 "presentations" in this book, though some of them are so similar that this closer to 7 or 8 in reality. Although they are titled presentations, they are more akin to simple strategies to presenting complicated concepts.

So why buy this book? Simply put because it works, it does not take you long to learn the presentations and it will supercharge you ability to not only sponsor people but get them on the right path to success in your team.

Picture this, I'm at a gastro pub with a prospective distributor, they had been at a presentation and asked lots of questions but suffered from information load. We had focused on why this MLM, rather than why an MLM at all and not talked about key success factors. He reaches over to me and proclaims, "Andy, I don't understand how any of this works and I'm just not sure".

I proceeded to run through four of the ten 45 second presentations on the paper table cloth, we had a laugh about my terrible drawing, and in the space of little more than 10 minutes I had explained what made an MLM so attractive and what they needed to do to succeed in it.

At the end of lunch he folded the grease stained paper table cloth several times and put it in his bag. That's your operation manual, I told him, you'd better not loose it. We had yet another laugh and I have someone that is seriously interested in not only being part of my team but doing it correctly.

We do not repeat the teachings on this site, though it has had an influence, rather we suggest that you purchase yourself a copy at under £6 on Amazon (just click the image above) you will receive a reward far in excess of what you have invested.

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